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    Why is the Four Girls logo on the shoulder of all of the tees?

    It isn't an accident! Placing our logo on the shoulder of every tee is our way of reminding you that as you proudly wear and live your truth, Four Girls has your back. We support you. We commend you. We stand with you. It is our hope at Four Girls to represent a larger community aligned to peacefully and unapologetically promote feminine equality and power. Putting our logo on the back of the tees is our way of encouraging you to be brave and courageous in expressing your unique strength and owning your innate potential, knowing you are "backed" by a host of other strong individuals doing the same.

    There are so many different ways to express your truth and spread girl-power and it is important to us that every person can find a Four Girls t-shirt that reflects their personal message.

    Whether your expression of feminine power is having Grit for Days, or saying Thank You Rosa Parks and all those who have blazed the trail before us, or being the Hero of your Own Story, or being able to Run the Room, or not being afraid to Disrupt the Norm, or knowing you are Mama Strong, or being a Force to be Reckoned With, or having someone say of you, "Nevertheless, She Persisted," or knowing that Smart Girls Build, or being proud of the girl in your life who's Got Grit, or having a little one in your life that demands Equal Pay and Needs More Cookies or walking with your Shoulders Back and your Head Up, inspiring others to do the same, or ALL OF THE ABOVE, Four Girls has you covered and always has your back.