$1 of every item purchased will be donated to programs that promote women's safety, education and wellness.
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     Four Girls: On A Mission

    Four Girls is on a Mission to expand and redefine girl power, one fabulous T-shirt at a time!

    Two moms set out to give girls, and girl supporters, apparel that speak their mission of female power and equality.

    Like most parents, Meghan frequents the local, large retail stores to shop for her two daughters. She finds that while the girls’ apparel section is full of lovely colors, embellishments and displays, it is sorely lacking in clothes that truly represent the strong, vibrant and empowered girls she is raising. Unlike the boys’ section that is full of cool T-shirts that speak of strength and power, the girls’ section is limited and quiet in their messages.

    Meghan recalls, “I was done waiting for someone else to solve this problem. I decided to take action and show my daughters, not just tell them, that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself.” After the lightbulb moment, Meghan sat down with her friend and fellow mother, Melissa, over rounds of lattes to share her vision.

    The connection was immediate; the mission was crystal clear. The ensuing emotionally-charged conversation lit a wildfire of ideas. By the end of round three of jet-fueled coffee, Meghan and Melissa decided to bravely launch a girl power brand together.

    Armed with their design and marketing backgrounds, a whole lot of grit and determination, and a common desire to give their four girls a voice through their apparel, Meghan and Melissa are proud to introduce FOUR GIRLS - a new line of apparel on a mission to expand girl power, one T-shirt at a time.

    And that's not all! $1 of every item purchased will be donated to individuals and programs making a positive impact in the areas of women's safety, education and wellness. 

    To purchase your new favorite T-shirt and join the mission, CLICK HERE!