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    Girl Power Digest

    Meeting of the Minds.....and Hearts

    Meeting of the Minds.....and Hearts

    The Story Behind Four Girls Co-Founders

    Webster defines sim·pa·ti·co as "having shared attributes or interests; compatible; being on the same wavelength."  From the first time Meghan and I met, simpatico was front and center.  We tease each other that we instantly became giddy school-girls all over again.  Remember that pure kind of connection you had as young girls playing hop-scotch, jump-rope and kick-the-can?  You know, before the "mean girls" dynamic took over?  That is how it felt meeting, but as women in our (a-hem) late thirties. We saw each other without masks and defenses and pretenses.  I know, I know...epic gift.

    It is a sad truth that women, born out of unjust and impossible standards imposed by a still dominant patriarchal system, often aren't very kind to other women. Too often we compete with one another and judge ourselves and each other harshly. I admit that I had become a bit disillusioned about new female relationships and bonds and I am so grateful that I was called out for that when I met Meghan.  I was overjoyed to find a strong, vibrant, beautiful woman who was also kind, tolerant and open-minded. We strive to treat each other with respect and kindness in both our friendship and business partnership and I am proud to say that Four Girls was born out of that dynamic. 

    Four Girls is an expression of the profound confidence we have in the universal feminine constitution.  We are convinced that when we push forward in love and in hope, there is nothing we can't accomplish.  Sure, there are hurdles (I had huge ones to overcome to find the courage make the leap into this new business venture), but there is also so much opportunity, and so much room.  Four Girls is living proof.  


    shoulders back and head up,


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